From:                                         Development Control (DMW)

Subject:                                     FW: Planning application LW/799/CM(EIA) by Bretts Aggregates Limited (BAL): Fishers Wharf, Newhaven Port.



From: Howe , Steve
Sent: 06 April 2018 13:10
To: 'Jeremy Patterson'
Cc: Thatcher, Aidan; Sharp, Peter; King, Robert; Fitzpatrick, Ian; Cllr Sharon Davy; Cllr Andy Smith; Chris Gape
Subject: Planning application LW/799/CM(EIA) by Bretts Aggregates Limited (BAL): Fishers Wharf, Newhaven Port.


Dear Mr Patterson


I refer to your letter dated 30 October 2017, in which ESCC consulted Lewes DC on the above planning application.


As you know the application was reported to Lewes DC’s Planning Applications Committee on 4 April 2018.


The Committee resolved that Lewes DC advise ESCC that it strongly objects to the application, on grounds that:


1.    There is no over-riding need for the development, particularly having regard to the recent permission granted by ESCC for an asphalt plant, concrete batching plant and gully waste plant at Plots 6 & 7, North Quay Road (LW/789/CM (EIA).


2.    The application would be contrary to adopted planning policy CP4 (Encouraging Economic Development and Regeneration) in Lewes DC’s Joint Core Strategy (JCS), which indicates “Support for the continued use of Newhaven Port for freight and passengers including plans for modernisation of the port as identified in the port authority’s Port Masterplan….” Furthermore, the text to CP4 at para. 7.48 of the JCS states that “Development and job creating opportunities related to the Port are considered vital to the regeneration of Newhaven and the surrounding coastal area and to improve the continental ‘gateway’ to the South Downs National Park”.


3.    The character of the development would be general industrial and would not accord with the aims of providing ‘clean, green’ commercial enterprises at the port (as promoted by the Joint Core Strategy and Port Masterplan). The proposal would hinder the regeneration of Newhaven by discouraging more appropriate non-polluting uses and would constitute an unattractive and inappropriate development at the entrance to Newhaven port, which is the ‘gateway’ to the national park from the continent.      


4.    The application would generate relatively few jobs, and would therefore contribute little to local employment prospects and the local economy.


5.    The general industrial character of the development would be a deterrent to investment in appropriate planned developments in Newhaven, such as the future housing at West Quay Marina on the opposite side of the river, to the north at Eastside and the recently approved hotel development in Transit Road close to the entrance to the port (LW/17/0205).  .


6.    The development would generate undue noise and dust in the locality, adversely affecting the ambience of the area, including at the beach, at Tide Mills and on existing housing on the opposite side of the river.   


7.    Lorry traffic generated by the development would worsen air quality in Newhaven, which already suffers relatively high pollution levels. The development would thereby conflict with policy CP9 (Air Quality) of the JCS.


Lewes DC trust that ESCC will take the above representation into account when the planning application is decided.



Steve Howe – Specialist (Planning)                        

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