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Subject:                                                   FW: Planning application comments


From: Web Staff
Sent: 09 November 2020 18:48
To: Development Control (DMW)
Subject: Planning application comments



Title: Mr
Name: James Fraser
Address1: Banks Farm
Address2: Mountfield
Town: Robertsbridge
County: East Sussex
Postcode: TN32 5JY


Reference: RR/848/CM
Description: Additional plant to support increased use of local mineral from Brightling Mine at Robertsbridge Works
Comments: I do not have a problem with the intent of the application, however I do have a problem with British Gypsum claiming ownership of our land. The map submitted with the application shows an incorrect ownership boundary with regard to the area of woodland to the East of the gypsum conveyor. This has been owned by us and our predecessors at Banks Farm for at least 20 years, following the sale by British Gypsum to the previous owners of our farm. It is registered correctly at the Land Registry. BG agreed to correct their records of their site boundary about five years ago when I last pointed this out to them so I am disappointed that they have failed to do this. The application should clearly be withdrawn and resubmitted with the correct details.
Comment date: 09/11/2020


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