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Support With Confidence provides a directory of vetted and approved providers who offer a wide range of care and support services for adults in East Sussex.

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Support With Confidence makes every effort to ensure that the information in the Directory is accurate and up to date. The details of scheme members, including the description of the goods or services they provide, is based upon information supplied by them.

Support with Confidence carries out an initial vetting process of all members, prior to approval. Following approval, the scheme will monitor and review customer comments to check that members continue to comply with the terms of the scheme and treat customers safely and fairly.

The scheme cannot however:

  • Guarantee the financial status of any member
  • Accept any liability for any goods or services provided by any member
  • Accept any liability for any mistakes or inaccuracies in members details
  • Guarantee the quality or condition of any goods or services provided by any member
  • Guarantee that the price of goods and services supplied is competitive relative to any other member.
Warning If you decide to use a member from the scheme you will be entering into a contract with them and not Support With Confidence. You should therefore check any information obtained from the website before you act upon it.

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