Young At Heart Community Club

Contact details

Rachel Gibson

Mobile: 07971 032667

List of services

A not for profit intergenerational group for those retired to integrate with the local primary schools
Aiding the education of local primary school children with reading and school activities
Making a start to finish craft
Singing with a professional singer
Home cooked lunch and cakes for tea
Free local transport
Occasional outings to the local schools


Based in Heathfield - Available countrywide for individuals who are able to provide their own transport


This service is run by a trained professional care team 10.00 - 16.00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Charging and related information

Free first session
Free for a carer
£50 per day - please call Rachel Gibson if you have cost concerns - other costs available
£10 for lunch only
If you are unsure you can afford our rates we can support you to contact East Sussex County Council to see what funding you may be eligible for.


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