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Phone: 01273 894040
Mobile: 07795 312 709
Email: hello@possabilitypeople.org.uk
Website: http://www.possabilitypeople.org.uk/

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We appreciate that everyone is different. So we will take time to find out about you, your family and friends, what your needs might be, your interests and lifestyle, things you like and dislike and any health conditions you might have.

When we have a full picture of who you are, we can help you to find your way through a wide range of services and support.

Whether that’s help getting ready each day, help with medications, housework, or dog walking. We can support you if you have complex care needs, or just need someone to go with you to appointments or social outings. We have a wealth of knowledge about what’s available locally, and importantly, the expertise to integrate a range of services from different places to suit you.
If you are able to pay for your own support, or if you are entitled to support through the NHS or local authority, our team will help you make the most of your money. And of course, by choosing us, you are also supporting a local, independent charity.




Monday to Friday 09:00am - 17:00pm - Office Team. However, w e provide an out of hours service. Care provision - 24/7

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£19.00 base rate


Pan impairment, older people, disabled people, personal care, buddying, shopping, cleaning, meals, holidays, support at work.


We have been running client support services for 22 years.

We are an independent organisation and registered charity.

We have a range of integrated services. You can choose between using one, some, or all of them, depending on your needs.

We are well respected, trusted, and connected to lots of other local and regional organisations, service providers, and companies. Because we are so well networked we can get on with supporting you quickly and easily. We already know what services, groups and activities there are in your area, which makes it much easier and quicker for you to find what you need.

We have a range of quality marks, including The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, which demonstrates our commitment to our clients, staff and volunteers.

Possability People: at home, is suitable for people who pay for their own care or support and for people who are eligible for a direct payment or personal health budget.


Possability People was established in 1981 by local disability organisations to help promote independence with dignity for disabled people. Membership is drawn from individuals or organisations with a personal or professional experience of disability. The membership elects a Board of Trustees, the majority of whom are disabled people, who are responsible for the organisations strategic direction. Possability People listens to disabled people and works in partnership to improve services.

The work of Possability People is based on the social model of disability, which emphasises that disabled people are disabled not by limitations of our bodies and minds but by social barriers of unequal access, prejudice, discrimination, and social exclusion.

Possability People is a user-led organisation. This means that the direction of the organisation is determined by disabled people who use our services, volunteer for us or sign-up as members. We regularly evaluate all our services and use the information received to inform their development and make changes if necessary.


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