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Linda Taber

Mobile: 07882 869526
Email: lindataber89@gmail.com


Saltdean 10 mile radius


Monday - Wednesd 10am - 8pm, Friday 6pm-8pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm, Sunday 10am- 2pm. Overnight respite by arrangement in advance.

Charging and related information

I am able to provide some overnight respite for families if given prior notice.
£20 per hour between 8.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m
£23 per hour after 5.00p.m
Bank holidays to be negotiated with client.
45 per mile for appointments


I have 40 years of working with people in various settings. These include gymnastic coaching, baby and toddler groups, after school clubs, youth development coordinator with youth clubs in south east London, a summer residential activities organiser. Also included is working as a sexual health worker in schools, providing lesson plans on LGBTQ+ and I managed an exclusion project. I have worked with diverse communities in south east London. I work well with the people I support in identifying their triggers enabling me to work better with them. I use these skills to either avoid or work on desensitising the situations when triggers have been identified, I use certain objects or situations to help the person develop coping strategies. Examples are using public transport on their own. Shortening the time, they use to leave the home. Some of my main strengths are working with people with Autism and ADHD, complex needs, 2 to 1 support with some levels of behaviour that challenges, including self-harm, Dementia, palliative care and mental health. Some of the main conditions I am currently supporting people with are Rejection Sensitivity Disorder and clinically diagnosed OCD. I have extensive experience supporting clients, in a voluntary capacity which include retail, garden centres, farm work, educational establishments, community centres, respite and short holidays.

I use song writing and poetry as a form of therapy. I enjoy gardening, art and crafts, swimming and cooking together and general potting as a form of sensory therapy.


I personally enjoy walking on the Downs and connecting with nature. I enjoy singing and writing my own songs. I write short plays and perform them.


Youth and Community and Youth Development Coordinator for 17 years. Working with Young people, exclusion, gang cultures, sex working, drug and alcohol, homelessness, immigration, money management, self-harm using detached and outreach work to reach young people not accessing services. I managed a team of youth workers in South East London dealing with all issues that impact on young people as above. I worked for 3 years as a Sexual Health Worker, working with women who sold sex, gaining experience into the impact it had on the women’s social, physical and psychological needs.

I have worked for 10 years in residential settings and working for the family or person on a private basis. I have worked with people experiencing all types of conditions including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, depression, pulmonary disease, osteoarthritis, blindness, bronchitis, kidney disease and chronic heart disease and experiencing coexisting health problems. This also includes support with medication, personal care, shopping, preparing meals, doctors’ appointments, outings, whatever the person I support requires. I have enjoyed the close bond that develops between myself and the people I have supported and appreciate that every bit of independence a person can hold onto whatever their illness or disability, must be cherished. I am at present working with a number of young people, who have complex needs including autism, ADD, Tourette’s and partially sightedness. I use music and song writing as a form of therapy, thus encouraging them to be their own advocate and also reducing episodes of depression. Currently I have two young people who are working on their own song writing in a studio. Thus, enabling them to express their life experiences and challenges while preforming in public places. I recently worked as a lead for two years with a person who was experiencing challenging behaviour. They were autistic, ADD and were non-verbal. They required a 4-1 team at all times. Everyone whatever their disability should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


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