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Debi Campbell

Phone: 07990 734424

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Personal Assistant - People can live well with dementia when presented with opportunities to retain interests and occupations and to develop new experiences that build on strengths.

I can enable people with dementia to remain connected with their family, friends and community by supporting them with a schedule of activities and pastimes which are pleasurable and have meaning for them – inside and outside the home.

Non-smoking environments only please


Within 15 miles of Peacehaven.


No current availability

Charging and related information

£15 per hour for domestic support. Otherwise, £17 per hour.
£10 per 1/2 hour.
£23 per hour for bank holidays.
The first 10 miles of travel are included - additional mileage is payable at 45p per mile.


I am passionate about improving quality of life and services for older people, particularly those with dementia. Together we will draw up an activity plan based on the person's history, choices, skills and preferences.

Life Story Work
The development of a life story book for all clients is also offered as part of this unique service or as independent commission. Life Story work can be used to help develop a better understanding of someone's needs and wishes so that care can be provided in a person centered way. It provides a valuable insight into the life of the person with dementia and helps to encourage better communication and relationships between the person, family carers and staff who are providing care.


I have over 20 years experience of working with older people. I was a Registered Manager and Director of a successful live in care company for 12 years where many clients had memory problems or a dementia. I was responsible for every aspect of day to day service delivery as well as shaping the future of the service as a Director. I have extensive knowledge and experience of planning and delivering care and support services for older people.


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