Steven Fielding

Contact details

Steven Fielding

Mobile: 07742 493 180

List of services

Personal Assistant
Domestic Duties
Meal Preparation and Presentation
Shopping Assistance
Planned Trip to Places of Interest (or Fond Memories)


Eastbourne and outlying areas, including rural areas


Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm

Charging and related information

£19 per hour


I speak a little French. Interests include countryside, walking, swimming, cycling, food presentation and the royal household


I have been working as a Personal Assistant now for quite some time, engaging in different and sometimes challenging areas of support including mental health, autism and dementia.


I have always worked with people in the hotel industry, and retail which I ran for 20 years where high levels of managerial organising and planning were required. I have excellent customer service skills. I'm quite well travelled and have experiences different cultures, which in itself promotes good life skills.


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