Richard Willis

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Richard Willis

Phone: 01424 213656
Mobile: 07583 460 728

List of services

Shopping, cinema, medical appointments


Within a radius of 5 miles of Bexhill


Available 8 hours per week, spread over no more than two days

Charging and related information

£15 per hour + 50 pence per mile for car mileage


Dementia (for four years looked after grandmother who had Alzheimer's).
Have completed course in dementia provided by Newcastle University.
I have basic knowledge of French
I have a number of year's experience as an admin assistant (computer literate)


Worked a support worker at the British Home and Hospital in London SW16, late 1980's to early 1990's.
I also worked as a personal assistant for two local government managers.


Received PA training from Support With Confidence, including food safety, safeguarding adults, medication, moving and handling, business, emergency first aid and three day induction course.
Graduate in social sciences.


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