Dawn Pattinson

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Dawn Pattinson

Phone: 07514497006
Mobile: 07514497006
Email: lucydawn50@hotmail.co.uk




Tuesday - Saturday 08.00 - 19.30

Charging and related information

Tuesday – Friday: £13.50 per hour
Saturday: £16.00 per hour


I have 3 cats and had dogs and horses in the past. In my free time you will find me in my garden, down the beach with the grandchildren, looking after my looking after my neighbours blind cat.


I enjoy being with people that I can help and support. I have lots of experience in supporting people going through very difficult times of their lives.
I enjoy chatting and building relationships and friendships with all different types of people listening to all their different life stories and experience.


I have worked within community care for 10 years; I have also worked within residential care home working in palliative care, end of life care and Dementia. I’ve always worked with care working with various ages groups.
I have supported people going to family events such as weddings, funerals and evenings do’s.


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