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Sarah Stevens

Phone: 07917 845211

List of services

Personal Assistant
Personal Care
Medication Assistance
Preparing Meals in the Home
Pet Walking
Shopping Assistance
Social Activities
Palliative care
Respite Care


Eastbourne and local areas within 15mile radius


Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm. Weekends and overnight by arrangement. Please contact for current availability.

Charging and related information

Mon-Fri 7am-5pm £17 per hour, £15 per 45 mins, £12 per 30 mins, £9 per 15 mins.
Mon-Fri 5pm-7am £20 per hour, £18 per 45 mins, £16per 30 mins, £11 per 15 mins.

Weekend 7am-5pm £20 per hour, £18 per 45 mins, £15 per 30 mins, £11 per 15 mins.
Weekend 5pm-7am £23per hour, £21 per 45 mins, £19 per 30 mins, £14 per 15 mins.

Night Shifts - Sleeper shift £120 (Mon-Fri) £140 (Sat-Sun), Waking shift £160 (Mon-Fri) £180 (Sat-Sun)
Includes up to 2 calls through the night the carer must have rest.
Out of hours call outs and bank/public hols
double rate. Christmas and New Year's Eve time and a half.

Mileage 45p per mile for social outings, shopping etc

If you wish to cancel a booking please give 24 hours notice or you will be charged


I am 46 years old, I was born in London, I moved to Hastings as a child when my parents brought a hotel in Pevensey we came to Eastbourne. I am married, I live with my husband and my 2 daughters, one is 16 one is 26, I like to see my girls doing well, spending time with them and feeling proud of them. I like to spend spare time with our extended family, grand children and great grand children.
I love animals, we have 2 dogs that I like spending time with walking in the outdoors.
We as a family enjoy our yearly holidays abroad.

Training and certificates

• BTEC 1st Diploma in Care
• NVQ LEVEL 2 in Health and social care
• First Aid - Emergency First Aid at Work
• QNUK Level 2 Food safety
• Moving and handling
• Safe handling of medication
• PPE training for health care workers
• Support to SWC PA’s and business in a pandemic
• SWC business training and equality and diversity awareness
• The roles and responsibilities of a self employed PA
• Deaf and hard of hearing awareness
• Epilepsy awareness
• Assisting a fallen person
• Assisting clients with swallowing difficulties
• Falls prevention
• Psychological first aid
• Infection prevention winter preparedness training
• Dementia awareness tiers 1 and 2
• Dementia public access course
• Step in to social care
• Safe guarding adults level 3
• Managing mental health and stress
• E learn discussing ‘do not attempt CPR’ decision
• Suicide awareness training
• Helping young people manage low moods and depression
• Supporting children and young people presenting to hospital in a mental health crisis
• Continence promotion in dementia care
• Incontinence associated dermatitis
• Preventing skin damage cause by urine incontinence
• Using best practice to manage chronic oedema
• Self directed support
• End of life care training
• Mental capacity training


My expertise areas are supporting people to live independently in their own homes, end of life care, Dementia and Alzheimer's and rehabilitation.
I consider myself to be a good sensitive listener, patient, encouraging with a good sense of humour, Friendly, approachable with a compassionate nature.
I enjoy being able to make a difference in peoples lives and enabling them to stay in their own homes and to be as independent as possible by spending time making their lives a bit easier and happy doing things they love, I like taking client's on shopping trips, trips down memory lane or just for a coffee to see them smile.


I have over 28 years experience working in the care setting, working in the hospital, nursing homes, care homes and many years with agencies working in the community, before joining support with confidence 6 years ago.
specialising in Dementia, Alzheimer's, also living with family members who have/had dementia memory problems.
I have worked in rehabilitation in hospital, I spent a few years in end of life care in the community.
I also spent a few years working in my parents hotel when I was at college, and when my children were growing up.
I enjoy new learning and always enjoy updating my knowledge and training.


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