Gelu-Cristian Radulescu

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Cristian Radulescu

Mobile: 07474 008 297

List of services

Personal assistance, personal care, domestic duties, respite care, services offered as a PA, shopping, companion.


Eastbourne and 30 miles radius


nothing clear due to existing rota patterns. possible to become available, please inquire via email/telephone all depends on bit of flexibility

Charging and related information

Monday to Friday
Day: 8:00am to 8:00pm £17.50 /hour, £12.00/30 minutes and £8.00 for 15 minute calls.
20.00pm to 8.00am: £20.00/hour on minimum 4 hours call. Under 4 hour calls will be charged at a fix rate of £25.00/hour, £15.00/30mins, £10.00/15mins
Mileage it will be £0.45/mile
For more complex cases £35 per hour
Weekend Rates:
Starts Friday at 08.00pm and ends Monday at 08.00am
Weekend Rates: 08.00am to 20.00pm:£18.50/hour, £14.00/30 minutes and £10.00/15 minutes calls
20.00pm to 08.00am: £21.50/hour on minimum 4 hours calls. Under 4 hours calls will be charges at a fix rate of £25.00pp/hour
Sleep in shift will be charged at £85.00/hour(8hours) and any calls/intervention/working time will be charged at £25.00/hours:£18.00/30 minutes, £15.00 f/15minutes
Providing any Services outside East Sussex/UK (holiday companion) will be charged as £20.00/hour day and night Monday to Sunday and will exclude any travelling, accommodation and meals. Travelling cost, accommodation and meals will have to be provide by the client.


I’m the type of person that will adapt to the needs of the client , the role is person centred orientated and I m willing to undertake more training /specific to the client and clients needs, recently I had learned to hand sew ,use a sewing machine ,cook casseroles so my areas of interest will be anything new
About area of expertise, I am constantly learning about the role, about the clients but I would say I am a fast learner, kind and compassionate
I have following trainings:
- Awareness of Mental Health/Dementia and Learning Disability
-Basic Life support
-Fluids and Nutrition
-Safeguarding Children
-Tracheostomy Care & Management Course
-Challenging Behaviour
-Safe administration of medicines
-Food hygiene
-Spinal Injury/ Autonomic Dysreflexia & Bowel Care
-First aid any other relevant training to my profession (cosh ,fire ,data protection etc)
Also do to my active nature I m hands on ,and love to help in the garden ,dog, pets walking/sitting, car valet, washing and pressing clothes, cleaning, cooking.


3 Months of Working and Training in a Teaching Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
NVQ3 in Health Care, Adult Social Care and Child Care completed in UK ,2017
2.5 years of experience in Nursing Homes /Dementia and Residential Home, 1.5 years of domiciliary care in Learning Disabilities and Mental Health, 3 year in Domiciliary care all working with vulnerable adults.


I was a sales person for most of my life, graduated as economist at a prestigious University in Bucharest but always regretted not becoming a doctor or working in the Care Sector.
I was in my 30’s and felt the need to change my career and decided to move to UK a country I held dearly and appreciate for giving the opportunity to find my career path and not only.


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