Charlotte Jane Anne Goodey

Contact details

Charlotte Goodey

Mobile: 07921 900012

List of services

Shopping assistance
Home meal preparation
Domestic duties
Social engagement
Transport assistance
Medication assistance
Pet walking
Laundry service
Social activities




Tuesday and Thursday 9.30 - 2.30

Charging and related information

£15 per hour Monday-Friday 9-5
£20 per hour Evenings, Weekends and Bank Holidays
Local journeys will be free, longer journeys will be charged at 45p per mile


To help, support and maintain people to live independent lives within their own surroundings and within their community.
I enjoy socialising with friends and family. Exploring new places and surroundings. I like beauty, make-up and clothes.


When I was 14 years old, I had a weekend job in an EMI care home, I would do cleaning, laundry, washing up and serve a hot meal or tea. I have an NVQ in hairdressing which I really enjoyed doing. It was lovely to meet and talk to new and regular client's. I have helped, support and cared for my grandparents that had dementia, so I have some knowledge, experience and understanding.


Worked in an EMI care home
Trained as a hairdresser
No.7 beauty consultant
Worked in a primary school kitchen
Have my own cleaning business as a sole trader for the past 7 years
I have up to date knowledge and training on manual handling (for PAS), level 3 emergency first aid, safeguarding in adults, level 2 food and safety and medication


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