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Jade Sefton

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I offer a bespoke, person-centred, and high quality one to one service aimed at helping people get the most out of their lives.
I provide support to people with organic conditions, such as dementia, mental health conditions, and neurodevelopmental conditions including autism spectrum conditions, attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder and dyspraxia and dyslexia. I also support people who may not have a formal diagnosis but are looking for a befriending service.

I support people to reengage with and undertake activities which are important to them, and which are necessary for them to live as independently as able including domestic activities like shopping and meal planning and preparation. I also help people to identify and access local community groups and new hobbies inside and outside of the home. I also offer support around managing finances and learning new skills such as using technology or crafts.

My prior training and employment as a qualified health care professional means that I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise of mental and physical health conditions and how these can affect people in their day to day lives. I have developed a depth of knowledge and understanding relating to the cognitive, behavioural, emotional and social presentations of mental health and organic brain conditions. I also understand the relationship between mental and physical health outcomes and the holistic care required to support people.

Whilst working with me you can be reassured that you or your family member are in safe hands, I approach my clients with dignity, care and respect and take great pride in this.




I have availability, please call to discuss

Charging and related information

£20 per hour 9.00am to 5.00pm.

On arrangement I can also provide support outside of these times to facilitate engagement in meaningful activities such as attendance to evening groups, the theatre, music events.

£24 per hour after 5.00pm and on Saturdays.

Any travel undertaken during a visit will be charged at a rate of £0.45p per mile.


As a qualified occupational therapist trained to post graduate level, I have specialist skills in supporting people to engage with activities which are meaningful to them, and that they want or need to do. I can support people to re-engage and maintain engagement with activities of daily living, whether this be self-care, leisure, or productive activities, such as employment or volunteering opportunities.

I have considerable skill and experience supporting people to increase their confidence and motivation, and work in a way which helps people maximise their independence.

Whilst not working as an occupational therapist currently I can offer expertise which helps my clients to feel safe, valued and understood. I can build excellent therapeutic relationships and I have a strong interest in this, understanding its importance in successfully supporting people. My communication skills are developed to a high level, and I am able support individuals with diverse and complex communication needs.

I work in a way which places emphasis on the dignity of the people I work with and am passionate about reducing stigma and marginalisation of vulnerable people.

About me
I am a friendly, patient and compassionate individual. I love animals and enjoy being in nature, as well as dance, surfing, reading, film and music, cooking and baking, I also enjoy craft activities such as crochet.


I have 11 years’ experience working across health and social care gaining considerable experience supporting individuals with a variety of health conditions including both physical and/or mental health conditions, dementia, learning and/or neurodevelopmental conditions.

I have worked as a qualified occupational therapist in both inpatient and community settings undertaking in depth, holistic assessment of an individual’s functioning and provided therapeutic interventions as part of a treatment plan. Prior to qualification as an OT I worked in an occupational therapy assistant role directly providing care and support to people in their daily lives.


From 2011 to 2013 before completing my training in occupational therapy I worked as a care officer and occupational therapy assistant for East Sussex County Council in a dementia and mental health rehabilitation service.

Following this I was employed as an occupational therapy technical instructor in a large NHS hospital covering medical and surgical wards. I have also worked as a support worker supporting people with both high and low functioning autism and as a personal assistant in the community supporting people with complex mental health conditions and dementia.

After qualifying as an occupational therapist, I worked with adult social care in a community occupational therapy team and then with the NHS as an occupational therapist in acute and forensic settings including as a senior occupational therapist.


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