Joanne Lane

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Joanne Lane

Mobile: 07907 200192


25 mile radius of Hailsham


9 - 5 Monday to Friday would consider some Saturday Mornings

Charging and related information

£17.50 inclusive of travel and mileage, £15.00 for local area.


I am a caring person in general, I enjoy reading, gardening and love walking. I love to visit different places around the world and have been to many. Love to learn about different cultures and I also like to sample different foods. I enjoy swimming and have a passion for snorkelling. I love animals, especially cats.


I worked for Bluebird Care for a year, this involved every aspect including personal care. I built lovely relationships with my clients and enjoyed the interaction with them. My dad has advanced Alzheimer’s and has been in a care home for over a year now. This has been a challenging time for my family, I was helping to care for him and my mum when he was still at home. I have learnt a lot over the last six years and feel this will help me in my PA role.


My professional background has been mainly in administration roles, I have worked in print as a receptionist administrator, aviation, firstly as a receptionist and then went onto the technical record side. I worked as a commercial administrator for an emergency glazing & lock company and worked as a receptionist for Beacon Academy. As stated above, I worked in care for around a year, I prepared food, took my clients out shopping, carried out personal care, bathing etc. I carried out domestic duties and spent a lot of the time chatting about their past and what they like.


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