Tracy Weare

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Mobile: 07732 867631


Eastbourne and within a 5 mile radius


Monday to Friday 7.00am - 8.00pm Saturday and Sunday 7.00am - 8.00pm

Charging and related information

£17/hr Mon-Fri (9am – 5pm)
£20/hr week-ends & Bank holidays and hours outside 9am – 5pm

Please note: 2 hourly sessions bookable as minimum.

Mileage is included in hourly price.


I am a Movement Specialist, I have qualifications in one to one training in Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga.

My passion is using gentle mindful movement and breathwork to bring balance back to body and mind. Often we hold tension and stress in our muscles, I’m good at helping you learn how to relax and let go, once you can do this I work with specific strengthening exercises which help create better posture which enhances wellbeing.

Depending on my client, I am also trained in Reiki which is an energy healing technique where I use my hands to restore balance back to body and mind, I use aromatherapy to facilitate this.

I am also good at cooking healthy meals, organizing things, cleaning, gardening, socializing and helping people create a schedule for themselves that incorporates the things they love to do. I also have a love for animals.


I have worked with movement for the last 20 years, mainly one to one work and over the last 2 years I have been teaching Mindful Yoga and Pilates classes. I believe movement is medicine, it can help us shift our mindsets, we just need to find the right one for our own bodies.

I have always had varied jobs alongside my Personal Training making up part of my income. Over the last 3 years most of my clients have been elderly, I get on better with elderly and I thoroughly enjoy working at a slower pace, using gentle movement.

Other fields I have worked in have been Hypnotherapy, I used this alongside Fitness to help people programme their minds, some things I worked with were healthy eating, stopping smoking, competing as an athlete.

I have taught English as a foreign language to a wide range of students, aging from 3 years to adults, all from different countries, mainly people from Asia.

I have supported a young boy with Autism, we worked with building his self-confidence and exploring activities that he connected with and found interest with.

I have healed myself from Mental Health problems, all through my twenties I suffered with a lot of anxiety and the inability to sit still and relax, this eventually caught up with me, at age 30 I had a physical, mental and emotional breakdown, I didn’t work for 2 years and slowly I have brought myself back, it has been a long slow, progressive healing, using my slow mindful movements, relaxation, breathing and now meditation. I have had to learn to not think too much and worry less, instead of living in my head I now live in my body in a grounded way.

I support my gran who has dementia, we mainly engage in social activities and I often make meals, which we share together, I love the experience of seeing her happy and appreciative of the small things we do together, I learn a lot from her, through the conversations we have.

Both my supporting roles and my personal healing from high anxiety have been special experiences for me and one of the reasons I am turning to PA work, another reason is my desire to carry on with my studies into Physiotherapy.


I went to University in South Africa where I competed an Honours Degree in Biokinetics, which is someone who works alongside a Physiotherapist, they work with movement in a rehab setting.

My desire was to move to the UK so I spent 10 years working as a Personal Trainer in London, during this time I competed a diploma in Hypnotherapy to better help my one to one Personal Training clients.

I have a Celta qualification, I used this to teach English as a foreign language here in the UK and in South Africa, this ranged from children of 3 years through to adults. I preferred working with students who were new to the language.

Qualified exercise teacher in Pilates, Yoga and Aqua.

Qualified Personal Trainer, One to One training.

PA accredited with Support with Confidence. Training in Personal Assistant, Emergency First Aid, Food Safety, Manual handling, Safeguarding Adults and Safe Handling of Medication.


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