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Maria Davey

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Personal care
Mental Health
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Seaford - Brighton Marina


Office Hours 9 -4 Monday to Friday Care Hours 24/7

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Palliative care
Cleaning and domestic support
Mental health and alcohol misuse, hoarding and dysfunctional living.
We have a charity day club (not for profit organisation) called the Deans Senior Tea Club, we try and encourage our clients to attend to do arts and crafts, activities and singing.


With over 10 years of experience caring for individuals as an Auxiliary Nurse, Health Care Assistance, Companion and even as a Police Community Support Officer, I have a passion for caring and companionship.

This passion was sparked by my first full time position in a Nursing Home many moons ago in Hassocks, West Sussex. Initially I was a bit daunted at the thought of helping another person eat and dress, but I soon felt the rewards it gave to me and so it didn’t take long until I was hooked on putting smiles on peoples faces!

This first experience proved invaluable - whilst working in the Nursing Home, I learnt about the challenges many of us face later in life, whether it’s finding oneself unable to grip a cup or how to cope with the start of memory loss. Every individual has a different need and I understand that dignity, independence, trust and respect are so important to my clients, as it is to me.

I have also worked for Sussex Police as a witness care officer and the Metropolitan Police Service as a Police Community Support Officer carrying out a wide range of roles. I believe that all of these experiences will help me and our team deliver a unique service to you or your loved ones. I have been managing my care agency for 6 years now and still as hands on now as I was when it was just me on my own, this is because I still enjoy the satisfaction of helping others in need.

Due to the overwhelming demand in my service I decided to train others up and here I am now with a fantastic team of 35 carers. I have a fantastic Manager, Hayley who has 18 years of NHS business experience and two experienced supervisors. We regularly carry out annual survey’s and our 100% positive feedback speaks for itself.


Accredited by Brighton and Hove Council


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