Colette Rayner

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Colette Rayner

Mobile: 07729 892 986

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Days out, light domestic duties, cooking lunch, socialising at home, social engagements


Within 10 miles of Eastbourne


No availability at present

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£20 per hour


My many interests include current affairs and the weather after all there is always something to talk about!!!
I have several beautiful cats who are constantly up to some kind of mischief!
I enjoy yoga, walking, running, and very occasionally marathon running, also Parkrun when not in Covid times, inspiring others to do the aforementioned activities whatever their age and whatever their level as more often than not I am participating with people who are much older than me anyway and they constantly inspire me.
Architecture, photography, art, crafts including mosaic, knitting, crochet, jewellery making (wire wrapping) soft furnishings, cake baking and latterly sour dough bread making and wedding cake making are all interests that I dip in and out of!
In the past I also loved attending the theatre and cinema, being a member of Ashridge Circle and the Film Society in Eastbourne, and exhibitions, visiting gardens and places of interest.


Empathetic and supportive person possessing excellent interpersonal skills, able to communicate effectively with a variety of people, understanding the need for diversity and confidentiality in the work place.
I had over 4 years’ experience of supporting my stepfather who had Alzheimer’s, supporting him with daily tasks including walking the dog, taking him out to the cinema, theatre, and day trips to shows in London, ensuring that he was engaging in activities and socialising. I assisted with medication and some cooking and cleaning. I engaged him in conversation and used effective listening skills and took an understanding and supportive approach. These activities gave his full time carer some respite from her duties.
I am passionate about helping and supporting people to live independent lives and engage in positive activities to help them lead fulfilling lives in their own home.
I have also been a full time mother and understand the need for patience and understanding. I am flexible and adaptable and can put my hand to a variety of tasks and duties.


My background work experience is in Administration for NHS, where I had some contact with patients on the telephone and face to face where I had to solve problems whilst offering reassurance and empathy for their situation and issues, so I have a good understanding of building professional relationships with doctors and other support agencies.


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