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Sarah Croft

Phone: 01323 440549
Mobile: 07784 701653

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Personal Assistance
Pet Walking
Pet Sitting
Social Engagement
Befriending and Buddying
Personal Assistant Transportation Service
Meal Preparation
Shopping Assistance
Medication Assistance


10 Miles from Hailsham.


No availability

Charging and related information

£16.00 - £20.00 per hour dependent on support required and area
£18.00 - £22.00 evenings dependent on support required and area
£20.00 - £25.00 weekends dependent on support required and area
£25.00 - £35.00 bank holidays dependent on support required and area
45 pence per mile in work travel


Since 2011- I have mainly been working alongside people who are displaying signs of early memory problems.

I have attended, and maintained all training relevant to working as a personal assistant.

My PA Service includes offering clients access to :

- - Outreach PA and Canine Companionship, on a one-to-one basis, into a pre-assessed clients’ home environment, for their therapeutic benefit. I am the only PA in east Sussex to have a fully insured working dog able to work besides them. My dog, Poppy and I have 5 years’ successful work-track record of working together safely, calmly and reliably alongside a small number of suitable clients, in suitable home environments. Poppy and I spent years preparing for this work and she and I are highly skilled and experienced in older peoples’ home companionship and support. As well as work and health Insurance, Poppy is highly trained, temperament tested and kept healthy, happy and relaxed. Clients adore spending time with Poppy and always remember her name, though; quite often they do not remember my name! Poppy can display many trained tricks (40+) to help actively engage and amuse people including: fetching the post, emptying the washing machine, tugging off socks and slippers off, fetch a drink carton from the cupboard as well as take turns whilst we play games like giant floor – snakes and ladders (Poppy roles her own dice in this game), passing flowers during flower arranging, play magnetic darts, hide and seek, bean bag tennis, etc… Poppy does not jump, she is a quiet, happy, cute and fluffy miniature Schnauzer. She is bathed weekly and never sees more than 4 part time clients in any month. Clients are always given hand sanitizer when handling Poppy, clients do not have to touch Poppy, to benefit from her presence and amusing character.

- - Dog Walking - - for people who want to know that their dog is safe, happy and getting time to out the home to have ‘doggy time’– sniffing, walking, meeting other dogs and people and if possible, running around as much as we can, dependent of dog recall training, the weather, and access to safe location. I can arrange use of large, dry indoor-active space and time- if clients require this for their dog/s.

- - Short term gardening support, as well as one off, to tidy up between seasons – and to help make the garden tidy and safe for people to walk around


For the last 20 years I have supported people with disabilities in an enabling, PA/Carer or advisory role, on a one-to-one basis, in their homes, communities and work places

I enjoy spending time with people; I want to help them maintain a level of interest in something important to them. My aim is always to help people achieve their own goals, working with them whilst using an enabling style of support.

I am a friendly and approachable worker, respectful of people's homes, well-being and aspirations. I use professional knowledge and expertise, together with compassion, patience, easy going personality and humour, to build and maintain relationships. I love all animals, and enjoy supporting people to look after any type of pet or farm animal/s.

I am supportive of families trying to organise care and support for loved ones. These clients and families need help from PAs’/carers who can be consistent, reliable, understanding and are able to work flexibly to help them achieve their goals, and live, the way they want to, or are able to.


Before working the last 9 years in my current role as a PA/Carer - I enjoyed working for 10 years in one to one Support Service for people with physical and mental disabilities (supporting them to find work, voluntary work, or educational courses, and maintain their tenancy’s to keep their homes). This was within the social housing and vocational services. Most of this time I worked as team Supervisor, an outreach Housing Support Officer and a part time Client Involvement Representative.


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