Gelu-Cristian Radulescu

Contact details

Cristian Radulescu

Mobile: 07474 008 297

List of services

• Companionship
• Befriending and Buddying
• Cleaning - general
• Domestic duties
• Gardening
• Ironing
• Laundry
• Live-in support (in exceptional circumstances)
• Medication assistance
• Transport
• Personal care
• Pet boarding
• Pet sitting
• Pet walking
• Preparing meals in the home (only vegetarian or vegan meals) I can reheat and dish out any type of meals (including ones containing meat) but will not cook using meat.
• Respite care (in exceptional circumstances)
• Shopping assistance


Eastbourne and 20 miles radius


Please contact for availability, needs some flexibility

Charging and related information

My hourly rate is £28.00/hour to £35.00/hour in complex cases.
30 minutes is charged £15.00
Minimum charge of £10.00 for 15 minutes
Bank holiday double pay

Mileage is charged at £0.45 pence /mile

I have been giving discounts and accepted cases in lower rates around £17.50 in exceptional circumstances.


I do not consider myself an expert but I do depend on my communication skills such as listening, empathy to try to support my clients to achieve the best possible life given their own circumstances. I am a member of Nation Trust and Royal Gallery of Art and enjoy being out doing walks love and rely on meditation, I enjoy supporting my clients outside their own home and environment as in them condition the client can see a bigger picture and can be more relaxed and plan for the future.
I have worked successfully with clients with various types of backgrounds, disabilities or health related issues. I am work in a holistic way , embrace Inclusivity and Diversity.


Background education and work experience in sales, management and business administration. In my mid 30’s I have reoriented my whole of life, trained as a Nurse Assistant in Bucharest, Romania and moved to UK a country I have always held dearly and started working in the Healthcare Sector.
I am now a married gay man in my 40’s doing the job I love, in various contexts, with access to fantastic high standard trainings.


Three Months of Working and Training in a Teaching Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
NVQ3 in Health Care, Adult Social Care and Child Care completed in UK ,2017
Six years of experience in Nursing Homes /Dementia and Residential Homes, combined with working in domiciliary care, Learning Disabilities or other disabilities ,Mental Health, Autism working with children, young adults and seniors.


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