Julie Lofthouse

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Julie Lofthouse

Mobile: 07543522935
Email: julielofthouseswc@gmail.com

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Personal Assistant, Social Engagement, Social Activities, Pet Walking, Visit/befriending & buddying, Shopping Assistant, Home meal Preparation, Cafe


St Leonards, Hastings and Ore


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£16 per hour
2 hours minimum


I really care about supporting a person's independence, their personal choices, and ability to fully access their community.
Most of my previous employment has involved connecting people to each other, to organisations, and to the activities they enjoy.
I have a particular interest in supporting people in social and creative activities that promote a sense of wellbeing.
I love nature, wildlife, and all animals.
I enjoy visiting and getting to know new people, I'm always led by yourselves and open to new experiences.


I've enjoyed working within the human services field for the last 20+ years. I've supported people with learning disabilities within the community; helping to access social and arts activities, volunteering opportunities and within supported employment . I've led workshops within a day service on movement and relaxation, drama, and crafts. I've also supported people & participated in music/dance and creative arts based activities in London.
I've supported elderly people within care homes, volunteered visiting/befriending, and looked after my Grandmother within her home and local community.
I love to support people's choices and to help people access their community. I also just enjoy simply connecting with another person.


Human Services
Health and Wellbeing Services
Creative arts based activities


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