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Here are some ideas:


I can provide a ‘chauffeur’ service. My car is big enough to hold a folded wheelchair. Once at the destination, I will be on hand to help with carrying parcels, accessing the toilet, etc.

So, why not:

• Browse the shops? I can bring items to you, so you can look at them properly; help you with clothes shopping; and I carry the shopping for you, bring it home and put it away.

• Rekindle an old activity, or try a new one? I will be by your side, helping you to integrate and get the best out of your time. I’m happy to try most things – choir, bellringing, pub quizzes, whatever.

• Go swimming? I’ll don a swimming costume and accompany you into the water. I will liaise with staff re access, hoists etc.

• Try Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi? Again, I’ll keep you company, if you promise not to laugh if I fall over …

• Go to church again? I can’t sing for toffee but will warble quietly next to you.

• Go to the cinema? Anything but horror films, please!

• Visit a museum, National Trust house or garden? Always keen to learn more.

• Check out a garden centre. I have been a gardener for decades. I love ambling around the plant selection, choosing the best plant.

• I can transport you to GP/hospital appointments etc. I can even come in with you and act as your advocate. I can make sure your concerns listened to and help you to understand what you are being advised. (I am an ex-paramedic so have a pretty good understanding of medical jargon).

Pet Care
I have had many dogs and cats over the years, so able to walk your dog or pet-sit your cat.


I could type a letter for you, contact the gas people, or help you work out your laptop/iphone.

Practical Help

I can turn my hand to most things: replacing light bulbs, oiling squeaky doors, replacing batteries, changing clocks, sewing, tidying, organising and so on.

Respite/end of life care

I can provide a ‘sitting’ service, allowing relatives to go home, rest and recharge knowing their loved one is cared for.


I am very friendly and sociable and have a LOT of life experiences. I don’t “stand on ceremony” – ever. I play a reasonable game of rummy, scrabble and hangman. I’m rusty at chess, but willing to improve.

I can’t cook. I mean, I can knock up beans on toast, and my scrambled eggs are pretty good, but if you want anything more than that, then I’m not your girl.

I have no musical abilities whatsoever – I can just about play a triangle. I have two flat feet for dancing, and can’t sing to save my life …


Bexhill/Battle: also Herstmonceux, Burwash, Sedlescombe etc.


Available 24/7 - 365 days a year. (sorry no live-in service) Please note - NON SMOKING houses only (tobacco smoke gives me horrible migranes)

Charging and related information

• Travel Fees:

Bexhill/Battle – no extra charge.
My home (Ninfield) to rural villages – first 4 miles are free, then £0.45 per mile thereafter.

• Day Rate
Any hours worked between 7am - 10pm.

• Night Rate
Any hours worked between 10pm and 7am.
Please note: I can ONLY offer ‘asleep’ nights (maximum of 2 calls per night).
10% price reduction for more than 2 consecutive nights booked.

• Monday – Friday:

Days £15.00 ph (min 2 hours)

Nights £9.50 ph (min 8 hours)
8 hours = £76.00
10 hours = £95.00
12 hours = £114.00

• Saturday/Sunday:

Days £17.00 ph (min 2 hours)

Nights £12.00 ph (min 8 hours)
8 hours = £96.00
10 hours = £120.00
12 hours = £144.00

• Bank Holidays:

Days £19.00 per hour (min 2 hours)

Nights £15.00 ph (min 8 hours)
8 hours = £120.00
10 hours = £150.00
12 hours = £180.00

• Emergency Call Out:
£50.00 for initial call out, including first 30 mins.
Subsequent hourly charge as above.

• Mileage Charge:
Car journeys from your home to hospital, trips out etc – charged at 45p per mile.

• Miscellaneous:
Car parking/event tickets/public transport/refreshments to be paid for by the client.


• Head injury/stroke etc

Do you need to re-learn your skills after an accident or severe illness? If so, I could help you do your rehabilitation exercises.

• Anxiety/panic attacks etc

As an ex-paramedic, I often dealt with patients suffering from stress. I know how to calm a person and help them regain control of their body, and what to do to stop an attack before it takes hold.

Do you have an appointment/occasion that you are dreading? I could come with you; help to keep you calm. Maybe even drive you there if that’s easier.

• Medical knowledge

Are you worried about a medical appointment? Not sure whether you will understand/remember everything that is said? I could come in with you and act as your advocate – asking questions of the doctor; taking notes; checking with you that you understand any new information.

• Young adults

I am interested in working with young adults with additional needs – whether physical, mental or emotional. I could help them to attend social events/activities; support them with general day-to-day tasks and help promote as much independence as possible.

I am also able to offer respite care to the parents of young adults who need extra support.

• Helping people to stay connected

One thing that has struck me about people – especially older people – is just how isolated they are.

I would be very interested in helping to transport a client to a friend or relative’s home (or café, or pub) so they can meet and have a good catch up.

Alternatively, arranging something like Skype so people can talk via a video link to family members who live many miles away, or have emigrated.

I am also keen to help clients attend family occasions such as weddings/parties/meals. I would be able to give 100% of my attention to their needs, (pushing wheelchairs, accompanying dementia patients to the toilet and so on) thus allowing their friends/relatives the freedom to enjoy the day.


I am a proud mum of two fantastic children aged 18 and 21.

I was a paramedic for over a decade. I have seen and experienced things that have changed me forever. I loved my job; never knowing what the day would bring or what lessons my shift would teach me.

I found I had a natural affinity with those in pain, or scared, or vulnerable. I learned that life is precious – and fragile.


• I was an Ambulance Paramedic for 11 years

My ‘patch’ covered the bottom of the M25; the top of the A21 and a sizeable part of North Kent.

I have considerable experience dealing with vulnerable people of all ages and abilities. No matter how ill or injured my patients were, I tried everything in my power to lessen their pain and fear.

And if I could raise a smile? Or, better yet, make them laugh? Well, that was a bonus!

• I have worked as a Teaching Assistant

I have always enjoyed working with children – especially teenagers/young adults going through that ‘awkward’ phase.

I brought my own children up as a single parent and understand the extra problems that brings.

• I have worked as a Health Care Practitioner

I have spent time as an employee for one of the larger companies, doing a full range of personal care (washing/showering) and domestic duties.

My ‘time slots’ with clients were either 15 or 30 minutes. They were rushed and impersonal. I found this SO frustrating.

For many clients, I was the only person they spoke to all day.

I wanted to stay longer to make a cup of tea and have a natter, but my schedule was so tight there was never any time.

• I also have my own small gardening business

If you need me to give your roses a quick prune while you put the kettle on, I’d be happy to help…


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