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Barry Worby

Mobile: 07394 931361

List of services

Mowing the lawn, gardening veg and flowers, preparing meals for that
day or to be frozen, walking your dog, dog sitting, shopping with you or
for you, social engagements; company and assistance on holiday, days
out, visiting your family, escort to a park or a sporting event, visiting social
clubs, friends, popping out for a coffee, lunch or dinner, cinema,


Stone Cross, Pevensey within 5 miles - further afield travelling costs will apply agreed before work commences


Monday to Friday 7am - 8pm Weekends 7am - 8pm

Charging and related information

£24.50 per hour Mon-Fri (9am-5pm)
Weekends & Bank holidays and hours outside 9am - 5pm - Please call to discuss

Mileage to and from your house included.


I enjoy fitness, health, cycling, gym, fishing, walking, interesting
discussions, traveling, socialising, helping people, making a difference. I
read mainly on motivation, mindful thoughts.
I enjoy and practice meditation, being free, listening and learning
experiences, traits and skills from different nationalities. I enjoy making
things, growing things, making people smile, seeing people achieve what
they thought was not possible….
Company to the cinema, fishing, a bicycle ride. Doing something you
have always wanted to do…..
Talking situations through, Talking about feelings, helping to motivate.
Supporting you in what you would like to achieve.
Listening to a vast array of music.
Cooking, pickerling, allsorts….


I have run business in the UK for international companies.
I have run my own business.
I have taught English as a Foreign language for a German company.
I have my TEFL qualification.
I spent just over a year on a working vineyard to gain experience on all
I have experience in hospitality, different types of festivals on the catering
I used to volunteer as a Samaritan.
I volunteered for a short period for Warm Up The Homeless.
I do volunteer for A Band of Brothers
Professional background:


I am trained in speaking to people about all different subjects, whether
negative or positive.
I can listen and hear.
I have experience in signposting.
SWC Web form v6
I looked after both my parents for 21/2 years at the end of their lives. One
suffering from prostate cancer the other with Alzheimer's. I cooked fresh
home cooked food for them each day.
I am told I am patient, caring, always have time for people.
I am interested in movement, exercise, walking, cycling, fishing, arts and
crafts and many more. I am happy to do any of the above with you or
anything else if possible.
Company, talking, silence and laughter is so important in everyday life.
Always open to suggestions and finding ways where possible to achieve.


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