Susan Broxton

Contact details

Sue Broxton

Mobile: 07793 078730


Eastbourne and 15 mile radius


Monday to Friday 09.00 - 17.30

Charging and related information

£18 per hour (inclusive of 5 miles travel)
45p per mile


I enjoy walking in the fresh air, visiting parks and places of interest like National Trust houses, museums and art galleries. I am vegetarian and like cooking and baking. I enjoy gardening and share an allotment where I grow my own fruit, veg, herbs and flowers. I am interested in protecting our green spaces and respect all nature and wildlife. I like listening to many types of music, enjoy reading and practice yoga and relaxation.


I have experience supporting people with many different medical conditions and needs, helping the elderly and housebound, and working with substance misuse and addiction. I have also worked as a veterinary nurse and volunteered as a listener for the Samaritans. Working as a PA helps me to reach out more fully to people beyond the pharmacy, and focus on assisting them with day to day living and fulfilling their lives.


My professional background is working as a community pharmacist, where I have had many years of experience helping people with their medication, ailments and managing medical conditions.
I also studied Biology before my pharmacy degree.


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