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Phil Hicks PA

Phone: 07730 872293
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Bexhill, Hastings, Pevensey


Monday - Thursday

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Hours are calculated Mondays to Fridays at £15 per Hour and £11 per Half Hour.

Mileage is calculated at .45p per mile

Saturdays are calculated at £22.50 per hour and £18.50 per half hour

Bank Holidays and Sundays are calculated at £30 per hour and £22 per half hour

Tickets for the Personal Assistant escorting the client on public transport or to an event are at the client's expense.


Photography, Gardens


In terms of my previous employment I served in the British Army as a Chef for 10 years and still enjoy cooking today. I am a retired Police Officer of 28 years service most of which was with the Traffic Division and this I feel has given me lived experience of working with and supporting people at times of trauma and stress.

I have worked for a Mental Health Charity as a Community Mental Health Support Worker, and in this role I have been able to support client's in a person-centred way, working alongside them to identify the goals they wish to achieve. This was with the aim of supporting them to work towards recovery and wellbeing in a way that was meaningful to them.

Examples of support I have provided to clients include:
I support whose who have a diagnosis of dementia to engage in social activities in the community. Examples of this are attending singing groups, taking part in sports such as archery, air rifle shooting, activity groups where arts and crafts etc..
I support them in visiting open gardens, garden centres, shopping excursions, going out for coffee.

I have several hobbies that I would like to share with client's, and these include a love of photography, gardening, and being an ex-serviceman I have a passion for military history.

I enjoy my garden and this is where I switch off from the rigors of modern life.

I enjoy visiting beautiful gardens and local places of interest with my camera.

I am a family man and enjoy spending time with my wife, my children and grandchildren.

I enjoy supporting clients in identifying what is meaningful to them and create, promote and maintain a positive relationship with client's, carers and families, GP’s, other health professionals.

Maximising, and promoting independence, integrity, dignity, inclusion, and support within the local community.

I feel that by providing support in both the client's home and community towards building skills and confidence in order to achieve their goal. To enable them to feel valued and be included within their local community by continually providing genuine support with honesty, integrity, compassion and fun with respect for dignity, individuality and choice.
If I don't have the knowledge about a particular facet of a client's needs I enjoy researching and learning how I might best be able to support them. I have been a member of the Support with Confidence scheme for three years.


I have worked as a Mental Health Community Support Worker for a local charity, Retired Police Officer 28 years service, Ex Army Chef (10 Years)


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