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Lisa Phillimore

Phone: 01424 211541
Mobile: 07450 476 827

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Driving you to an appointment, organising appointments , events your general administration such as bills, diary ,working out the best deal on your phone or gas, helping out with computer queries ,typing an email etc, writing your shopping list and doing the shopping and just as importantly the fun things .....local National Trust properties, Gardens, seafront walks ,coffee a cosy cafes, hot chocolate in the winter with a cake ...why not ?and chatting.
I love to cook so I hope you like homemade cakes?


Bexhill, Cooden, Hastings, St Leonard's, Hooe, Battle, Pevensey


Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Charging and related information

£16.50 per hour
45p per mile travel


I spent 25 years working in the NHS as a medical personnel manager and carrying out service redesign, which is basically improving the patient's journey into the hospital, negotiating the services and cutting down on waiting times to ensure the patient has a nicer stay in hospital as well as being efficient.
I would describe myself as a fixer, I like to make improvements, I like to help people and I'm very sociable.
I'm a practical person too. On the social side, I live by the sea in Bexhill and love to walk on the seafront regularly. My hobbies and pastimes are sailing ,I have done several yacht races and enjoy sailing over to France for a weekend etc .I managed the fastnet race last year which was a massive challenge for me. I also play tennis on a regular basis and love walking across the South Downs etc so lots to talk about! I love the fresh air and would love to come and help you to either improve or enhance your life in any way I can, by sharing these experiences with you.
I have two children who are 21 and 19. My son is a trainee accountant and my daughter is cabin crew for easyJet ,with plenty of tales to tell of passenger antics...
I know Bexhill and battle area very well as I have lived here most of my life.


Plenty of experience with working with patients and doctors alike! I have worked in the NHS for 25 years, in the area of service redesign and now rent my house out in the summer months as I live right by the sea. I would describe myself as sociable, easy to talk to and organised.


NHS Service Redesign, Medical Personnel (appointing doctors mainly)


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