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Marissa Halpin

Mobile: 07724 642833
Email: halpinmarissa@gmail.com

List of services

Personal assistant/care, food preparation, medication assistant, dog walking, shopping, domestic help, decluttering, Driver with business insurance to take to any appointments, social engagements and out in the community


Eastbourne and a 10 mile radius I will consider further but there will be travel costs to


Limited Availability

Charging and related information

WEEKDAY 7am to 6pm
Hourly rate £18.50
45 min rate £16.00
30 min rate £13.50
15 min rate £11.00

WEEKDAY 6pm to7am
Hourly rate £22.00
45 min rate £19.00
30 min rate £16.00
15 min rate £13.00

WEEKEND 7am to 6pm
Hourly rate £22.00
45 min rate £19.00
30 min rate £16.00
15 min rate £13.00

WEEKEND 6pm to 7am
Hourly rate £24.00
45 min rate £22.00
30 min rate £18.50
15 min rate £15.00

NIGHT SHIFTS (10pm-7am)
Sleeper shift_ £105 (Mon-Fri) £135 (Sat and Sun) (includes up to 2 calls through night carer must have rest)
Waking shift _ £150 (Mon-Fri) £170 (Sat-Sun) (any amount of calls/work through night)

MILEAGE is charged at 45p mile for any outings, trips or shopping etc.


I love to cook and think that I am quite good at it although I always have to refer to a recipe as my experimental cooking is not always the best to taste. I am very keen and knowledgeable on nutrition and I understand the benefits of eating well. I have a huge fondness for dogs and love to gain their trust and give them the exercise they crave.


I have over 25 years’ experience of working in the Care sector, from Mental Health, Care in the Community, Nursing Homes and Group Homes, but predominantly I have worked with the elderly and find this the most rewarding. I am comfortable with personal care and I am extremely interested in improving people’s lives. It is important for me to support people to live independently. I have worked with elderly clients and those with a disability; providing assistance with domestic duties, giving companionship, taking to appointments and social outings, support with medication and personal care. I have also given support and guidance to those struggling with their nutritional needs, paperwork and domestic tasks, and assisting with ICT (internet and word processing). I use both my professional knowledge and expertise, together with my personal skills of compassion, patience and most importantly humour.


I started my career in Mental Health and as a Support worker, this quickly developed and I worked in the community supporting people to regain skills and return to independent living, giving them the confidence to achieve their goals. Most recently I have been office based but also supporting clients with Direct Payments to set up their packages to recruit and to tackle the huge amounts of paperwork involved, also I assisted with the whole recruitment process such as compiling and placing adverts, interviewing the right candidates and set them up with HMRC to act as the employer.
I have always worked in a supporting role in the community and office based so can offer my client a vast amount of support in any stage of their life.


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