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The Florence Support Service

Phone: 01323 840227
Mobile: 07713 748599

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Independent living short breaks for adults (post education - 18 years) with Autism, Asperger Syndrome or Learning Disabilities.
Cooking a simple meal to eat
Safe ways of cooking
Choosing nutritious meals
Washing up after a meal/using the dish washer
Bus training
Handling money and machines for scanning items at the checkout in Superstores
Taking money out of an ATM/keeping within a budget/paying for bills
Making up a bed
Keeping a room clean and tidy

Short day courses in independent living skills
Communication with people
Understanding of everyday situations

The 'Dirt Diggers' horticultural project offers:
Supported work experience skills in growing vegetables
Supported work experience skills in horticulture and working towards The Open Garden in June to raise money for St Wilfred's Hospice
Basic bee keeping

I work on an individual basis allowing each client time to process information and act on that information so as to gain confidence in all aspects of daily living.

Charging and related information

£68.94 per 24 hour including sleepover


Independent living skills for people on the autism spectrum


I have 37 years experience working in the area of learning disabilities, autism and Asperger syndrome


BA (Hons) Education
Post Graduate Special Education (Autism)
Post Graduate Education Diploma


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