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Mary Curtis

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“Rocking Robins” is a unique and fun filled support service for adults, which provides opportunities for choice, supports skills and promotes personalisation within a day or a half day group setting.

"Rocking Robins" aim is to enhance feelings of wellbeing in all who share in its therapeutic, interactive and fun filled activities.

"Rocking Robins" welcomes all, to have an enjoyable and unique time with us but is particularly keen to support those people living with:

Dementia / Mental ill health
Learning difficulty
Physically less able
Frail, Vulnerable or Lonely

“Rocking Robins” Day Group meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and is held within a safe and modern Extra Care Housing Scheme in Peacehaven.

"Rocking Robins" is supported by a very experienced and dedicated staff team. All have been DBS checked. Having a high staff to client ratio enables "Rocking Robins" to offer support that encompasses a wide range of client needs.

"Rocking Robins" offers a safe and excellent service in support of Carers, by offering short respite breaks, through involvement and engagement for their "cared-for" or loved one.


Open countywide - based in Downlands Court Peacehaven


Group runsTuesday,Thursdays & Fridays. Full day 10.30-16.30 Half Day Morning Session 10.30 to 13.30 includes lunch time Half Day Afternoon Session 13.30 to 16.30 total 3 hours

Charging and related information

Full day per person - £41.42 attendance
Half day per person - £20.71 attendance
Meals and transport if required costed separately
Please contact Mary for breakdown and to discuss transport concerns


Rocking Robins enjoys bringing music into our day as much as possible. We enjoy a good old sing along frequently throughout each day. Music fits perfectly into my commitment of facilitating an enjoyable time whilst enabling and supporting capabilities.
We have sessions of gentle chair based exercise to music which is thoroughly enjoyed by all.
We also enjoy colouring, quizzes, table top games, chat and fun interactive activities. The group activities are often lead by input from the client's themselves.

Our team have years of experience in supporting those living with Dementia, Mental Health and their families.

I enjoy finding alternative methods of communication and feel I have a capability to reach those less able to communicate in a conventional way. I have an interest in ethnicity, beliefs, culture and customs of others. I enjoy all genre of music. I particularly enjoy sourcing music to suit a specific event or subject.
I have a great imagination and enjoy creating and inventing worthwhile and meaningful activities to suit all abilities.
I have a happy bubbly nature that seems to put people at ease.

Person Centred Care is at the heart of my service and I am particularly keen to provide Carers with a safe opportunity of taking a few hours Carers Respite Break. Carers can be reassured their "loved one" will be treated with respect and dignity, offered choice, provided with opportunities and supported to maintain skills.
Regular Respite Breaks for Carers may prevent "Carer Breakdown", avoid crisis intervention and delay the need for admittance into long term care.

I am passionate about delivering a high quality service that will focus on personalisation, seeing the person within, supporting skills, independence and enhancing feelings of wellbeing, treating all with respect and dignity and upholding confidentiality.

"Rocking Robins" can assist with socialisation, interaction and engagement in the wider community and support you to achieve your desired social care goals.

"Rocking Robins" can offer companionship and friendship in support of wellbeing.

"Rocking Robins" aims to ensure all those we support will have a worthwhile and enjoyable time, whichever day you choose.


I have over 22 years of experience working within Adult Social Care, delivering front line services, supporting people who are living with a dementia condition, mental ill health, learning difficulty, recovering from stroke or heart attack, elderly, frail, lonely, vulnerable and their carers.

In our group, music plays a big part in our daily activities. I have experienced how the right music can stimulate communication, break down barriers, offer an opportunity for engagement and stimulate a feeling of wellbeing within the individual or even the group as a whole.

I am fully committed to the philosophy of "Person Centred Care"

I also have my own personal experience as a Carer, whilst supporting my mother on her journey with dementia and can appreciate the importance of being able to take a Carers Respite Break, even if just for a few hours.
NVQ Care Level 2
ASET Level 2 Certificate in Dementia Care
Manual Handling of People and Safeguarding Adults Under the Care Act V2


My professional background in supporting people began in 1998 through very enjoyable employment with Mencap and Southdown Housing as a Support Worker in support of those living with a Learning Disability.

In 1999 I continued gaining experience in Social Care via employment with East Sussex County Coucil Adult Social Care. I held a position as a Scheme Manager for a Lewes District Council Extra Care Sheltered Housing Scheme, in Peacehaven .

2009 brought me face to face with redeployment. Fortunately I found a new and more expansive direction for my passion, in supporting people, when I became employed as a Community Support Worker for a new project within Adult Social Care. The Project at that time was called The Carers Breaks Demonstrator Site Project. The aim of the service was to support carers of loved ones that were living with dementia or mental health condition, to continue in their caring role. This project was highly successful and progressed on to become well-established within the scope of Adult Social Care now known as "Carers Breaks and Engagement Team" or CBET

I enjoyed three years with "Carers Breaks" which gave me the opportunity to gain still further valuable skills and experience in Dementia Support. I gained confidence in this position and took forward the opportunity to start my own business by introducing "Rocking Robins" Day Care Service to the local community.

"Rocking Robins" came into existence in April 2013 at first just offering one day a week. I am now proud to be able to offer "Rocking Robins" three days a week. I am supported by my brilliant/professional and DBS checked team of paid and volunteer Support Workers.


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